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Originally Posted by All Lawns & Landcare
Oh I assure you that when i mail them something all the proper spell checks will be taken. When i type on this site i dont care about puncuation, spelling, capitalization, or proper grammer. I didn't take it as an insult by the way.
Thanks to every ones replies, i think i am going to bs with the front gate and find out at least the street name so i could start my mailings. Anyone deal with very wealthy poeple and how are they?

no problem,
i was not cracking on you at all. i see it must have come off that way, but that was not the intent....

i was just pointing out that this will be very important when marketing to these people. I am a terrible speller, so i was not cracking on your spelling...
Most realtors will probably blow you off, as they would be wasting time with you since they are not making any money from thier time spent with you.. just send them a letter, and some business cards and express your interest in the homes in this area, and ask them to keep you in mind if the buyers need help setting up services..

most established realtors will have a short " contractor list" with people they recommend. i wouldn't try and set up an appointment with them or anything.. Might seem like an annoyance to them...

and as for your last line... That's the only clients we deal with. 90% of our homes are $750K to $1million plus VACATION homes..
the condo's we maintain are $180 unit $275K units..
we will not take on a home under $500K...

that's WHY i expressed the importance on your letters to them , have them proof read. spell checks won't catch every spelling and grammer error. (i fully realize that HERE it's not important)

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