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name feedback please

I need to come up with a new name and was wondering what you guys thought of the following.

Innovative Landscape Design
Innovative Landscape Services
Innovative Landscaping Services
Innovative Landscaping Concepts
or other similar variations.

What do you think about the word Innovative in general? Iím working with a local advertiser and she said she really didnít think innovative fit for a landscaping company. Iím looking for something a little different and Iíd like to sound at least semi high end as I want people to think of me more so for landscaping than mowing, I can always get more mowing costumers so thatís not to much of a concern with the name.

I had picked Creative Landscape design but at the last minute I found out someone around here is using a similar name unregistered of course and Iíve been told they have a bad reputation.

Any help, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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