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Any help, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry Billpa, I guess I'm the odd man out, none of these names really "speak" to me. They just seem like a drawn out way of trying to describe yourself. Two things kind of stuck with me when I was trying to come up with a name: Marketing prof. suggested it was better to stick with short two word names, I guess to make it more impressionable, quicker to the customer. Innovative Landscape Services just seems IMO to long. Thing two I like to do is take the name I kind of like, in this case innovative, open up word doc. type it in, highlight it, then go to tools and the thesaurus feature, it can lead you down many paths in relation to the original word.
I'm not saying its terrible, but you should try and bear in mind the "importance" of a name and how it reflects your business. Just my .02

Good Luck

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