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Green pro,
Iím not totally sold on innovative yet either. I did try using a thesaurus, Iím not sure but that may be how I came up with that word in the first place. Thanks for the suggestions and comments, the good and bad thatís why Iím here.

I agree that services is better in that it does imply that I offer a broader range of services. What if you disregard this fact since Iím hoping to move more and more toward the landscape end of things? It seems as if your cut is quality you can pick up all the lawns you need in this area so Iím not as concerned about that as some may be in different markets since I should have all the grass I want by the end of year or next. With that in mind do you think innovative landscape design sounds a little off? I did a search and came up with a few in the country as with any name I searched, anyway point being I know some use it but Iím not sure about it.

Thanks guys
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