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Originally Posted by Grass Busters Inc.
Hi guys,

I have been Landscaping and mowing residential for 6 years now. Now I want to get into commercial accounts. When is the best time to start bidding on commercial accounts ? When do you pick most of yours up? It's not to late for me is it?

Thank you,
- Eric
It's really never too late. There's always someone out there that may not be real happy with their existing service. Best approach I've found here is just knocking on doors and talking to the decision maker if possible. (works best for me here, other areas may differ) I find out if they have any concerns, then discuss what we do, this year I'll show some pics of our accounts (with permission of course), ask if they'd like a quote/bid and leave a magnetic business card. Last year was my first year in this business (part time for now) and all but one of my customers ended being commercial.

You've been doing this longer then I have so you should have some pretty good success. Also, like a guy mentioned above, talk to people you know. Ask your friends, family, or neighbors as maybe their employer needs a service, maybe they know someone opening a new business, maybe they know someone that knows someone that needs service. Most of my business came from referrals, so ask some of your residential folks if their place of employment is looking for someone. Good luck!

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