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Originally Posted by ******
Hi, what's up!

Looking at a used 1999 Bobcat 453 with less than 950 hours on it.

- How much would it be worth?
- I'd be using it for moving dirt as well as running attachments: a small 38" tiller, ditch-digger, stump-grinder attachments?

Basically, what is this unit worth with just the bucket and would I need a bigger unit to run these implements without problem (mostly concerned with the tiller)?

Thanks in advance.
I am sure the price of the 453 is reasonable, but if you do any kind of work with any heft, you will need a bigger machine. I wouldn't waste my time with that one. You will be frustrated and not be able to be profitable. To run most hydraulic motored assecories you will need a high flow machine, which I am almost positive the 4 series is not. The intent of that design was for cleaning stalls, getting into small spaces where size was a limitation. I wouldn't look at anything less than a 7 series and do everything you can to go with a diesel motor. I started out with a 742 which was a gas motor machine, and within 6 mos of using it, it was gone and I bought a 843. Now that is on it's way out and a new/used Caterpillar 257 track machine is on the horizon.So as you can see it is a sickness and you will just keep aquiring more and more work for the machine and you will need the capacity. Just my 02cents, but I understand being on a budget and wanting to get your feet wet.
Good luck
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