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First of all, I'd want to thank you both for your responses. Although I have a lawn business, I don't really do much on the landscaping side. This would be mostly for my home/personal use. I have an acre and really enjoy gardening, working my soil, mix soil; I have a putting green which I will be expanding soon; and am getting ready to pour a new driveway which will be about 300'. Also, my uncle is going to put in a retaining wall which will be about 200'. So, it would be mostly for myself and for the occassional landscape or lawn renovation job.

I thought about a tractor, but all that I've found seem to be expensive for their age and not a heavy duty as a construction grade skid steer. Plus, I'm really impressed with the implements available.

A local rental center quoted me $6500 for a 453 with about 1000 hours on it and that would be with a 1 year warranty. Do you think that is a fair price? Should I shy away from a rental unit? I'm thinking that the rental center would do good maintenance and keep it in good running condition to keep customers happy. Nobody want to pay top dollar for a piece of rental equipment that leaves them hanging when they are on a deadline. . .good logic/bad logic?

One more question: how doyou guys get implements for them? Are you able to rent them? Can you buy them used? Do you have to buy new? What would I pay for a new 38" tiller for this thing?

Thanks again. . .I appreciate the info.
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