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I owned a 450...

...sold it, and just bought a new 463 a couple weeks ago, so obviously I like the baby of the Bobcat family. The 463 has more horsepower and is diesel but still doesn't excavate worth a crap. I rented out the 450 frequently for $200 per day to a couple of contractor friends. One had no machine, the other has a couple of bigger machines and an excavator but liked the small machine for certain jobs. When I sold it they both fought over who got it. Sold it to the one who had none for $4,500, after owning it ten years. Never once had it in the shop either.

If your focus is landscaping or you do a lot of excavating, get a bigger machine. If you regularly need to move more than 30 tons of topsoil daily or something, get a bigger machine. If you just want to auger holes for planting, move 5 to 25 ton of topsoil around, build beds, dig out for small walkway installations and shallow trenches, move landscape timbers, spread gravel, remove snow, rip out beds and such, the 463 does a great job and definitely beats shoveling/hand labor.

I also like it because the 463 is a lot cheaper to purchase, can get into tighter places, is less costly to run, and needs only a small trailer/truck to move it as opposed to a 700 series or whatever. There are times/jobs I need a bigger machine, so I rent a bigger one a few times per year. For digging I bring in a guy with an excavator and work in tandem- he digs, I use the 463 to move the dirt wherever. Other than the house I bought for 8K, rented out at a nice profit while I owned it, and sold for 60K, the 450 was by far the best investment I ever made, paying off in multiple ways. You won't regret having one, regardless.

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