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Way back when I had some kind of push mower, bagger contraption that I rooked my dad out of. Then I wised up and started working for the man (age 15).

Mowing the redux.

This time I bought a 36" Gravely 150 I think dedicated mulcher, pistol grip (very used) $800 something then put $200 into fixing the tranny. Just sold it to a scrub for $600.

2 months after that purchase I bought a Toro 36 with sulky and h bar steering. Still using it. Then 2 months later bought a Gravely PM 260. Only 125 hours on her.
Then a month later bought out a business and got a snapper 36 WB and a JD 48 rider. Snapper is for sale, hate fixed decks. JD is my part time bush hog and back up for the Gravely 60.

Yeah to many mowers for a solo guy. But sold one already and the second one goes soon, I hope.
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