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As far as my customer base dealing with Eric's Lawn Care, i dont think many people think of me as Eric's Lawn Care they know me as Eric. So changing the name i dont think will effect my current customers. I am going to ensure them that i and only i will be doing the work. I will just tell them that the name change is to back up my work. I feel they recieve a picture perfect lawn each and every time i cut the grass. Sometimes i joke around and say i saw a golf ball- the golfer mistaked my lines for the fairway. So i really think the name change is for me, and for new potential customers. I am really going to try and get a few more commercial accounts. I sometimes think commercial accounts think scrub or young kid wanting to cut some grass when they see Eric's Lawn Care. So this name is more professional in my opinion.

My previous name was never registered with the county-somthing i considered doing, but since the name that i really wanted was not already taken, i decided to go that route.

what type of fonts do you guys prefer? names? sizes?
I dont plan on putting this logo on a vehicle or anything, just business cards and letterheads. So that is why i would prefer not to spend 100 or so bucks.
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