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Hello Everybody:<p>Removing the guards is dangerous, but it will almost double productivity when operating a trimmer. <p>If your crew edges with a trimmer, nothing can come close to that quality of edging. My crew knew that if they did not have proper eye protection that they could refuse to do the job & I would never say a word. But I always had excellent eye protection. They always had the best in safety equipment!<p>There is plenty of ways to stay safe & if you have good insurance there is no problem. My men came first, then the work.<p>How can you stay safe spraying, but you pay people to spray dangerous chemicals? You pay them to drive a overloaded trailer with no brakes on trailer? You put them on a ladder or roof with no safety belt. OSHA makes the rules, changes the rules & most of all breaks the rules!<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
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