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This is a job I tendered and lost. A municipal building about 15 miles from my shop. 2 1/4 acres of heavily fertilized thick grass that has to be cut trimmed and collected each week. The dumping area is 500 feet from the cutting area. There are about 125 feet of sidewalks, flower beds around the whole building, and about 15 trees to trim around. I bid can$110 the next bid was $80 and the "winning" bid was $37.50 What did I do wrong? This job would take about 3 hrs with my equipment including drive and dumping time. I know I would never do the job for the $37.00 but I was also quite abit higher than the next bid. I actually have enough work so I went in a little high and am hoping to get it next year when this guy is out of business. I have measured and bid every job that has come up in my area so that I could compare my prices with everyone else, i usually bid 20% higher than what I would need to get for the job incase I actually get it. This may seem like price gouging but it works for me and this way next year I will have a good idea what everyone has priced the jobs at so my bids will be closer to what the maximum is.
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