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WOW! $560.00 for 4.5 acres! I wouldn't get that a month down here for 3 cuts! Of course 37.50 is a lowball figure and it sounds like the guy who bid against me on a church bid. I counted over 120 shrubs and my bid was 300 per trimming x 4 trimmings per year.............his was 60. My bid was $135.00 each time to mow..............his was $60.00. I think his labor rate must be down in the single digits or something. Goes to show that there are good paydays and bad everywhere. I still wish I could get $560.00 a cut for something. To give you an example of the prices here.......a hospital sitting on at least 50 acres, takes up an entire block and has 25 acre field they want cut every 2 weeks in growing season, the rest is to be cut weekly in the growing season which includes all the trimming, pruning, the works.........pays $1000.00 per cut or $30,000.00 per year. They have a one man operation cutting it and he must be happy cause they like him hell, I would love him for that price. I bid $1580.00 one year, which was still low considering, and they turned me down, kinda glad they did.<p>Homer
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