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Dan, this is the hardest yet most critical part of the lawn care business and why most guys don't make the money they deserve. You must learn how to bid if you ever want to get into the commercial ballgame. I generally bid based on how long it will take me to mow it with my existing equipment then add in all the extras at standard prices. Now if this is some kind of really high profile commercial property then I add a little more because I know that everyone else who is bidding it is charging a little more as well. As for your $560/cut for 2 guys, sounds a little low but not too bad. I make $580/cut for one property that takes me all day with my 60&quot; Dixie Chopper. All day means 14 hours sometimes with a couple 15 minute breaks. But in the end its worth it. No employees and $580 bucks in a day. Try making that working for the man.<p><font size="1">Edited by: Barkleymut
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