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Some of the cemetary's are older and the stones aren't in line.<br>And some are newer with the stones set in rows and spread out far between.<br>I get $260 for one i do each cut& trim & that one takes 3 1/2-4 hrs with 2 guys so thats right around 50 an hr.<br>Some of the older ones are only around $40 an hour<br>It seems that for every 3 hrs mowing theres 1 trimming<br>do you use any grass killers around the stones? I can use them in some areas.....but I haven't had the chance to spray yet this year.<br>I use either my old hustler 251k in the tight areas or my 52&quot; Z-master, also just picked up an 72&quot; Z which I'll use where it'll fit and on larger contracts.<br>Now i just need to find employees who want to work ....That and all the rain up here is killing me.....I have to mow in the rain just to stay caught up because the last 4 days it's rained...I almost put my new Z in a pond yesterday tring to get close to the edge because the grass was slippery as heck .....that and the ground is soaked & leaving ruts etc...
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