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I also try to do all the things you list besides mowing. I charge by the hour. I enjoy pulling weeds as long as I'm getting paid.<br>One tool I find myself using quite a bit<br>is loppers. I went through several pairs<br>(probably need to learn how to sharpen them)<br>before I got some good ones. I got some<br>Felcos from A.M. Leonard. <br><br>They sell about 20 different pairs of loppers, all costing 50 to 100 bucks or more.<br>Mine were $100 and worth it. Anything<br>AM Leonard sells is good. I don't know why<br>quality tools like that aren't available in<br>stores. The loppers in stores are usually<br>$10 - $20.<p>I've never used a riding mower, but one week<br>I had several calls asking me if I had one.<br>If I did have one, I'd probably keep it.<br>I also had a few calls asking if I had a<br>rototiller. May get one someday.<br>I would also like to have some long-handled<br>hedge trimmers to save moving a ladder around. And ideally I would have backups for<br>all tools - mowers and everything, maybe<br>even another truck or van. Just so I can jump<br>in and go and get stuff fixed when there's time. Also, a long-handled pole saw/lopper for tree trimming. Another item that varies<br>in quailty with the good stuff available<br>from AM Leonard. I just have a cheap crummy<br>one now, but an essential tool.<p>
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