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i gotta figure out how i'm gonna do cleanups this year. i already have a toro 36 inch walk-behind, and a stihl BR 400 back pack blower.<p>1.Bagger for the walkbehind, maybe with leaf gobbler<br>2.hand held blower, with vac, not for large areas, but to get the beds, and small areas like pathways, i think the vaccum function could be very useful<br>3. wheeled blower<p>it all depends on how i will use the equipment. I could go to a neighbooring county, where they have curbside pickup. there, the wheeled blower would be very attractive. I like the little wonder's b/c, they have an attachment so you can use them as a vac, and load your truck, i think that could save a lot of time. I'm not sure i want to spend $700+, so i have noticed that Home depot has wheeled blowers, new ones and used ones. People will use the blower once, and return it, then HD sells it cheap. I could probably get an MTD pro, with 8hp for $250-$400. I know its not on the same level as little wonder, giant vac, or billy goat. But it will be a good start, and for the little use it will see, i think the tecumseh engine won't be so horrible, i could add extra air filtration to it (panty hose over air intake). Do you think it would be possible to have a welder fabricate a hose mount so i could use it as a vac?<br>i know its a long post, but i wanted to be clear and present a bunch of possible solutions
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