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When I was in landscaping we usually just did mulch by hand unless it was at or over 20 yards. However all of our rock jobs we used power wheelbarrows. Our fist job was a 10 yard slate rock install on the rear of a house. We had to go a good distance up and down a hill in order to get to the back yard. So we rented two power wheelbarrows, the kind that most concrete guys use. We inanely loaded these by hand but after a few more jobs we came apone the Toro dingo. We then used this to load the wheelbarrows this reduced time and labor now two to three guys could easily get a rock job done quickly. We even did one job that required larger rocks, I believe they were called egg rock. We were actually placing them on the ledge of a creek bed that was about 15' down to the creek. One of the guys who did not know the power wheelbarrow very well lost control and dropped it 15 feet into the creek. It took us most of the day to get it out with pulleys, chains, trucks, and ect... The thing worked great even after the long drop and we finished up the job that day. So after that long story I hope I gave you some ideas or good info!!! LOL
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