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I have a 52 inch Wright stander with a 16hp B&S. I tried both and prefered the feel of the Wright machine due to a larger foot platform and you also stand about 2 inches lower the great dane. I also like the handelbar feel of the wright machine. I have had no problems with the front caster wheels and they have taken a beating lately due to me slamming the deck down hard trying to clear the deck out some and also I have this thing with popping wheelies on it, its just to fun. That being said it does not go threw tall grass quite as well as my walkbehind scags, this could be helped probably by a larger engine. I paid $4300.00 for mine, it was like $600.00 more to go up to a 18 Kohler hence the 16 hp B&S. The grass has been extra tall lately so I haven't got a good chance to see the time savings yet. I tried the 2 blades and liked it at first but it seemed to slow down my blade speed in moderate grass and the quality of cut suffered so I took them off.
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