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I apparently failed to fully explain my position on the topic at hand. My post stated that I was not worried about my compitition. I should have continued to state that I do watch them, see what they are doing and what they are using. And they in turn watch me. In our area of about 130,000, there are LCO's who use Lexmarks, and continues down to the fellow pulling a boat trailer with his compact car with his 21" mower straped to it. Most of the LCO's here tend to keep to themselves, and hence there is little comminication between us. I run my little niche market here mainly mowing weed lots which no one else wants to do. Yes, it does concern me that as others see me out doing my thing, others will follow. There is nothing I can do about that.

I further appreciate the concern that others have experssed to my short and apparently misleading post. There is a great deal of knowledge within this site, and I continue to use this to further my business.

Thank you all.

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