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We recently removed 75 of these little devils, each about 18-24 inches in diameter. we Used a long betal pry bar which we stuck down in the ground on the back side of the bush, wrapped a chain around the push and bar and hooked the other end to a truck, with one guy driving and two pushing down on the bar they would pull right out, took 10 minutes per plant. The bar keeps the chain from slipping off the top of the plant as well provides the leverage to pull the sucker out of the ground. After that just load them into a truck or trailer and take them away. Amazingly, most of our pampas was picked up by people at the restaurant that were watching and were actually WANTING pampas grass in their yard. I feel bad for them now. Be careful with this method though, the guys holding the pry bar can get flung around if the bar slips from under the plant. We didn't hvae any injuries, but as i was looking back in the mirror (a/c was so nice) i saw my guys getting jarred around. But itw as 2 cents...
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