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Over 4" of rain so far this month in nothern Vermont. Grass is out of control. On a 7 day cycle I'm taking off 4 inches or more, cutting at 2 1/2". Got into one today that the homeowner started out doing himself, until his tractor broke. He usually mows it himself through May, then gets sick of it and calls us for the rest of the season. Today it appeared to hav been mowed once, all over, and started a second time, probably Saturday. I was taking off close to 8", grass was as tall as the front wheels on tehe Lazer. Had to go slow, ran out of horsepower, even with the 25 Kohler. Sure do love those double blades though, even with all the clippings it looked good as they were spread out evenly. I can't hardly keep up with the grass and I've got topsoil dropped on three jobs that are in line for renovation. Busy is nice,, up to a point.
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