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as for the customers that complain about weeds growing in their beds, if our agreement doesn't cover weeds in the bed, it is an extra charge. and usually a good one.<p>for stuff like toys in the yard, since I walk behind the machine, if I can get one clear path around the yard, I start kicking things out of the way when I start the back and forth mowing. when I come near something, I just reachout and kick it behind me where I just mowed.<p>not very professional, you say? these people know when the grass cutter is coming and it's their job to pick up their things. not mine!<p>it's sorta like when the garbage man comes. he expects to empty the trash can outside--not to have to go into the house to get it.<p>what chaps me is when people throw stuff in the grass that you cant see. once I hit a 50 pound lead window weight. that was good for a new blade shaft!<p>GEO
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