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I think i have you all beat. I have one customer (T.P. Trash) that had the WORST lawn i had ever seen. I was feeling good after i had removed the 4 garbage bags full of garbage (cans, bottles, plastic spoons, etc) and 20 or so old tires. What i didn't notice though in the 10&quot; tall grass was the drive line buried with only one end sticking out about 4 inches or so. KLANG!<p>Klang is not a good sound. Money going down the drain often sounds very, very similar to this. Her lawn was 35$ a week from then on. It was really only worth 20 if she had kept it even remotly clean. I wish she only had gloves and bats.<p>What about the customers that have the dog that goes through the garbage and chews everything and spreads it all over the place. I had that just today. The guy was looking out the window at me. I think he expected me to pick it up. I pointed to it all (99% paper products) and he shrugged and smiled. I smiled back and proceded to &quot;Mulch&quot; it for him. Wonder if he will get the point. hehe.<br>Have a good day ya'll
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