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I got some bummer bad news today. I had ordered a 12 cubic foot bagger (with blower of course) for my 52&quot; exmark HP walkbehind. I need the blower/bagger for all of the wet weather up here in the northwest. It can rain for weeks up here. <br>I called my dealer today (again) and asked if he had heard any word on my 3 week overdue end all bagging system. He said he had. It was DELAYED again. Another month or so. I am perterbed to say the least. Some sort of problem with suppliers for the bag itself for the system.<p>Anyways, anybody actually bag out there? I mean, i know many of you dont need to. I remember the days of mowing in warm sunny weather. But, is there anyone who has to do alot of bagging wet grass? I have an aluminum side bagger now (Stolen from my 36&quot; walkbehind hellmachind exmark belt drive (P.O.S)) and it is kinda useless. Mow with 52&quot; and put it all into a regular 21 mower bag. Useless. I need ideas or companys, or just anything that will work. I really dont wanna mulch. Not good up here. We get moss really easy up here. Thanks for listening to me whine ya'll.<p>Have a good day.
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