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I have a bark blower that cost around 300K. I mainly do work for commerial accounts and when I do this I go only through other landscapers. Now the blower application will reduce the amount of mulch due to the fact that it is more evenly spread. I don't think it is good business practice to undercut the landscapers and I don't. I work with them and I will not do any commercial accounts on my own if I get a call for it then I will contact the landscaper who services the account and let them know I was contacted. If they want to use my service than great if not then there loss. I would contact the mulch blower you saw and see about subbing your work out to them. Most of the landscaping companies in our area are starting to see the light. We are able to spread mulch much faster, better quality, and at a good savings to the landscaper. If you look at your costs for fuel, labor, materials, and ect... It is usualy in the 30-40 range (at least in our area) this is why we keep our prices right at your cost this way you can cut your labor inturn saving you money and we can get your job done much faster than by hand.
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