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Need your advice on a sod/seed install

Today I received a call from a man who has recently moved into a new home. The house already has an established lawn, but a bobcat did some work in the rear and has killed about an 8' wide strip leading to the back yard. He asked me if I would recommend sod or seed. I told him sod will give him the instant results he wants but is more expensive. My question for you guys is what would you recommend. The area is probably around 500 - 1000 sq ft.(I haven't been out to measure) It's on the side of the house in a relatively shady area.

If I go with sod there is no grass currently growing. The soil is level with the surrounding lawn. There are no ruts or anything like that, just no grass. Would I need to remove soil in order to have the sod be level with the existing lawn?

This will be my first job like this and every bit of help is appreciated.

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