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Originally Posted by Toroguy
Typical helpful Eric,

I will add on:

Lock your truck and loose tools when vehicle is unattended. A thief is an opportunist, eliminate the opportunity.

Refill your blower and trimmers on your trailer, spills kill the grass, spills on the street are low class. Also overfilling will leak out the cap and kill grass if you don't start on fire first.
An interesting tidbit:
Write down your equipment serial numbers and keep on file.
IF (should i say when?) your equipment is stolen, there is a database you can report it to (you need to ask your commercial lawncare dealer about this) and once reported, it is in the computer. If your stolen piece of equipment ever goes in for repair ANYWHERE, it will come up on the repair shop's computer as stolen and they will confiscate it and contact you.
You may not get it back the way you last remember it, but at least the thief is out, too. If you did NOT write down the serial, it is possible the place you bought it from has this on record.
so much for being quiet...
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