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Originally Posted by Gr grass n Hi tides
(4) Always walk a site before beginning work and take note of hazards and/or already damaged property to reduce problems.
Ahhhh yes! I found folk (more so the neighbors than my customers) are VERY quick to blame the lawnguy for anything broken, whether you broke it or not ! Another problem is, after some time your mind enters the 'zone' and you can no longer be too sure whether or not you broke it, lol.

If you DO break something, make sure you tell your customer about it and if they are not home, call from your cell to leave a message or write them a note and leave on the door. I personally would not tell a neighbor unless it is the neighbor's thing I broke, I have an overall negative taste in my mouth concerning neighbors of customers, is it just me?

When weedeating around those white or black pipes sticking out of the ground made of PVC plastic, your string will cut that PVC like a hot knife cuts butter. Even with the weedeater on idle and you *barely* touching it will nick it and water will spurt out of the cut. When this happens, find the underground faucet or lever to turn the water off and inform the customer. You can then run to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy some PVC primer and glue and some splice-pieces of pipe or caps or whatever PVC pieces and parts and come back to fix it. Before you leave to go to Lowe's, measure the piece and get the diameter, take notes if you need to. As for me, I bought a few extra parts and now have this in my truckbox, but nowadays I also use Roundup around those pipes rather than weedeating.
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