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Tips for Installers

The ICPI Certification Schools, conversations with contractors and suppliers provide many tips for installers. We offer you some below.

Problem: Profiled (bumpy surfaced) pavers get scuffed when exposed to a plate compactor.
Solution: Try a neoprene or rubber pad on the plate compactor. Most compactor equipment suppliers sell these. Good results have been reported using Mirafi500X geotextile applied directly to the area being compacted.

Problem: An excavated area fills with rain. What's next?
Solutions: After all the water is drained, there are several options depending on the amount of time and money available. They are listed from least cost-most time to most cost-least time.
1) Let the soil dry out, then install geotextile and compacted, crushed-stone base as a normal installation.
2) Excavate further by removing the wet soil, add geotextile and crushed aggregate base to fill up to original depth of excavation.
3) Apply lime or cement to the soil, mix it in and compact it. Allow the cement to begin curing, typically a few hours. Apply geotextile and a compacted, crushed stone aggregate base as a normal installation.
4) Next time cover the excavation and shape the grade around so rainfall drains away from the opening, as well as not enter it.

found this on their site
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