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Ill break down the material cost.

21AA---------------------- 5.5 Yards --- $160
Slag Sand----------------- 3 Yards ----- $72
Pavers-------------------- 144sqftx$8--- $1152
Dump Fee ------------------------------- $300
Compacter Rental and Missolenous ------- $200

So thats $1884... But it'll cost me 1031.98

Then my labor which is ($80x24hours) and thats how I got $3804 + Tax. I figure it'd be about $2550.

Im doing this by myself and one other person.
What do you think? Should I lower the price to like 3000+tax just so I could get it (i rather not, but I need some landscape work)?
I know it wont take 24 hours, it'll prolly take like 15, but I rather be safe than sorry, just incase.

Thanks guys. Please help me cause Im giving this to her tommorow then monday I have to give another bid on a patio and sod job. So I would like to master this whole big money estimate stuff. I dont want to screw myself with the paver job like I did previously.

Thanks again.

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