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Originally Posted by kootoomootoo
"Pavers-------------------- 144sqftx$8--- $1152"

What pavers are you buying at $8 per sq ft????
Plenty of guys will bid this @ $15 per sq. ft installed assuming there is easy access etc etc and kill you price wise.

144 sq ft patio for $3804 ...$26.40 per sq ft.....
There better be gold in them there pavers.
they're not $8, they cost like 2.9 but im chargin 8 for em. My cost for everything with materials and labor for my helper comes out to be 1450... so I just have to figure out how much I want to make, and how much I want my co. to profit.

Maybe Ill bid it at $2450 and see what she says. Im kinda lost as waht to charge as you can tell. Thanks for helping me out.
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