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Originally Posted by bigdaddyspags
I thought you were just telling me to use a pad when i install. Were you saying i could use a pad now and it might buff off the efflorescence? I did the install in October, so these pavers have had a whole Maine winter on them and the marks are still there.
i was accidentally telling you to use the pad for the install. sorry but you did give me a good idea lets see what others think of this one

Sand off a fracton of the paver.
SCUFF ALL THE PAVERS. use a tamper with a very abrasive pad on it. i.e. the green pads most people use for washing pots and pans. most restaurnt supply or hardware stores cary them. then use a slightly less abrasive than the pad. a buffing compound. this should buff most of the pavers. they would all look uniform and this might look better than the large scuffs that you have. then use the cleaner. if this works let us know..
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