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Don't you guys ever network with local trade members? You can get a lot more help doing it that way. I have helped others locally get their licenses with novel arrangements approved by our state regulatory office. Basically, you could work for me part time for a couple of years on just the applications on a few of your own properties, or you could hire me part time to work as an applicator for your business for a couple of years (second option, me work for you, is not available in my state). We work together on the apps.

The guys I helped made nothing during the training time, I got all the revenue. So it cost them some time, and cost me a little extra time. But today they are making it all for themselves, and we each have someone as a reserve if we need help on anything. Best of all, we are great friends, instead of competitors. If you think education should not cost you, then you're never gonna learn much.
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