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Hey John,
I saw your info on ALCA's wages and thought I would share this story.

Do you think my employee has a high opinion of himself.
He has been with us 2 years. Last year was his first year running a crew. He was in charge of 1-2 men. No benefits, plenty of ot and layoff in the winter. (except when it snowed.) Jan-march $9 hr;April raised to $11 hr. (did I mention he had only been in this buisness 1-2 months prior to coming to my co.)

Here's where it gets good. Major problems with employees last year, get rid of 7 guys keeping him and 1 other. The 2 guys go out together, my brother goes out by himself and I go out by myself. Were busting a hump but getting it done. Now the 2 guys are talking to joe fly by night and they feel they need a $3hr raise. (this is around Oct.) Joe fly by night is paying his guys $14 hr and they 4-5 men on a crew doing $30 lawns.The foreman just doesnt show up 1 day, no call no nothing but he wants this raise because he "deserves it". After all he only has 1 other man on his crew. (I have a rider for every crew member, its unprofitable for me to have more than 2 men on a crew, same with joe fly by nighter but he just doesnt know it.) So, we give it to him, no choice. Well we realized we needed to make some changes this year. We sat him down a couple days ago and explained to him what the changes were and what we were offering him. Our offer: $14 hr NO OT. We will not have ot this year. 40 hr work week year round, no layoff. 1 week paid vacation and 4 sick days. 50% medical paid by company. This package equals $32,000.00 yr. ( he made 26,000.00 last year) He also has chances to earn bonuses throughout the year, which we want him to because it will mean we are making more. Well he came back with his offer yesterday, he wants $18hr, 75% medical paid, 2 weeks paid vacation and 8 days sick pay. This equals $43,000.00!!!! I wish I could get raises like that (66%).

When he gave us this counteroffer, (I can tell it is all his wife's doing) I asked him where he came up with this offer. He replied it was what he felt he deserved. So I asked him 3 times why he felt he deserved it and never got an answer.

BTW he called out sick today!! (I guess he is showing us why he deserved it!!)And no were not giving it to him. I just cant beleive what he was asking for and on top of that I think he really thought we were going to give it to him. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

Mark A Musolf

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