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Originally Posted by Psych-O
I'm Hispanic and I own a cell phone! I guess I can't work for any of you guys! Oh! I forgot this is America so you can't DISCRIMINATE?? Anyway I got my on business to run!!

Look, I apologize if I caused you to be offended. I meant nothing bad about Hispanics. My Grandchildren are Hispanic and very proud of it as am I. I simply meant that I agree that most immigrants have a better work ethic than most of the American youth be they white, hispanic, black, or (me) Native American. Actually, this is the first time this has happened. I don't choose my workers by race. I choose them by willingness to do the work and to follow my directions. I hired this guy because we have known him since he was very little and he needed the work and had done this kind of work before.
Oh, and it was a beautiful day for working but would have been an even more beautiful day for sipping a cold one and watching the Grandson fish. Crap happens I guess.
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