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Look guys, the cell phone is not really an issue here. The real problem is the maturity and/or work ethic of the employee. If they don't have what it takes, can them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working a man.... hard.

But I think you all need to get off your BossMan High Horse about cell phone rules. The "I own you for 8 hours a day" approach doesn't get you very far with employees, much less low wage seasonal employees. Such rules are unfair and unnessesary. A good employee needs only to be told once to "limit personal cell phone calls." That's all.

You have got to have a lot of gall this day and age to tell your employees what they can and cannot do with their personal communication devices because they are "on YOUR time." It's not like they are in a fixed location, near an incoming telephone line. They are out in the field and I think it is their right to do with their personal communication devices as they see fit, in case of an emergency. That is, unless you would rather have them give out your cell number for emergency calls and commit to being personally responsible for not letting them down.

Good employees are capable of responsible self governing and do not need you to be their dictator in order to be good productive employees. They will honor reasonable rules. As a matter of fact, I'm a firm believer that the best of employees would not bow down to such rules. Many would pass on the job before signing off on over controlling rules, and many of the rest would tell you to take your low paying, hard labor, part time job that guarantees they are laid off for the holidays.... and shove it!

The best of employees are seldom submissive, and that shouldn't be a job requirement.
That rules out the best of self-starters and leaders that you may need to run crews someday.

That's my personal opinion and experience with employees anyways.

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