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Limestone Driveway. 20-25yards

I have to give an estimate on a limestone driveway, he wants the old stuff removed and the new stuff put in. it'd be between 20 and 25 yards. First off, what would work best. Im thinking a bobcat and then either have my buddy bring in his 5yard dump... or I could possibly rent one of those big canisiters from the garbage co.

I like the idea of just renting the big canister from the garbage co, because that way I dont have to wait for my buddy to get back from the dump site.

howexactly do I go about approaching this... how much of the old stuff do I take out? all the way to the dirt underneath? and do I need to put some kind of eding in to hold it. also, do I need to compact it or anything? I might end up passing on this job, but It might be worth it once I read up on it... I dont think it should be that hard with the right tools. Thanks guys.
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