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Actually, if you check your local state laws, another thing that you can do here in Minnesota, is you can receive a refund on the road tax you pay on gasoline and diesel for your off road use.

The gas you use for trimmers, mowers, blowers, all of that.

If you had a tank and your place, one of two things.

1) The reason that farmers get it cheaper is most will be using diesel, so they're getting off-road diesel that's dyed red, so you're not able to use it in your truck on-road.

I have been stopped by the DOT here in MN before, and had a clear straw stuck in my fuel tank to make sure I did not have dyed diesel in my truck.

If you have off-road diesel, it's sold to you without the taxes tacked on, therefore "cheaper"

2) If you had your gas hauled to your place, or even if you had a fuel tank placed in the back of your truck, and only filled the mowers out of that, you could have a very easy time keeping track of the gallons used in your mowers, therefore getting a refund on the taxes that you spent for "off-road" use.
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