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Originally Posted by GreenMonster
I find it helps to hire people to do the manual labor. Although, my throat gets very sore when I'm sitting in the cab of the truck barking orders.
We never stop, year round. Landscaping and cleanups until late Spring, Then there is sod installation....and spraying, [lawn applications] I make more money doing these jobs and the mowing is becoming secondary. [I am learning this business] We only stop when its too wet. I like mowing, but the real money is the extras. I have 1 full time year round employee, who earns his perks. He gets the perks because he knows what to do, is easy to get along with, and I am getting older....he is willing do those things that I don't want to do anymore. I always treat my employees like I want to be treated. I have 2 employees in the Summer. My goal is supervision. And....

I can be very effective at running a I never bark orders.... now. Period. On the old job, I did, because I didn't want to be responsible for screw ups and make the "Nightly News"....[I have been involved in high profile incidents]...not my fault....and Lawn mowing really ain't in the same league....
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