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Originally Posted by GrassBustersLawn
DKIESLA said "That's called price fixing and it's illegal. The FTC would be all over you."

WHAT IS IT CALLED FOR GAS STATIONS? Talk about "price fixing"! They ALL go UP and Down in PRICE the SAME AMOUNT at the SAME TIME, almost to the minute!! So if the GOVERNMENT isn't concerned enough to do anything about the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GASOLINE COMPANIES, why would they mess with some mom/pop & small business LCO'S???????

Personally, I think it is HIGH TIME to get "ASSOCIATIONS" (not unions) together. Members pay a small fee to belong. Set "pricing guidelines" for their AREA. Maybe even "share" clients or set up "exclusive territories" like many businessess do. Should also be able to get members deals on equipment, etc. with "SELECT" dealers.

Does the GOVT wants to waste alot of time monkeying with small operations? I don't think so. Hell, they couldn't even get anything done to MicroSoft when they went after them.

We just had an investigation into this and the Government said they found no colusion between gas companies. Mind you the government takes more tax when the price goes up. Like said in the previous post, prices are posted on the sign, one gas station may go up before the other but the second one doesn't have to go up if it doesn't want to.
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