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Originally Posted by dkeisala
Nobagger - I understand where you are going with this and I think we agree. The only difference is you threw the term "union" out there and that just freaks people out. I think by "union" you meant something more like an association and these already exist. My only point is that these associations (in the green industry anyhow ) don't really seem to serve any other purpose but an excuse to get liquored up, eat some bad food and have some industry rep show me how to use a chainsaw. Now, if the associations already in existence actually lobbied for regulation, that may serve a purpose but everybody in this business just seems to want government to leave them alone regardless if some regulation may help or not.

Here in Washington, the building industry association is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups. If the building industry wants it, they usually get it. I understand that the green industry isn't anywhere as large as the building industry but why can't we have some representation as well?

Hell, it's probably my fault. Maybe I should start my own association - THEN THINGS WOULD CHANGE!!!
DK yeah I didn't mean a "union union" hell I belong to one and they are usless, but yes an association of some type.
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