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Originally Posted by DLCS
See thats not how it is here, one goes up they all go up except Wal Mart. Wal Mart is always .02 below every other station and you bet the other stations complain about Wal Mart. Wal Mart isn't keeping up with the local petroleum association blah blah. The other day we had 2 gas stations that were on the same street both run out of gas and deisel fuel(at the same time, yeh right), guess what all the other staions in the area did, you guessed it, raised the prices .10 a gallon.
What you've explained is the simple rules of supply and demand. If they can get it and people are dumb enough to pay it then so be it. We have a gas station charging $2.46 for reg. up the street and down a block the other direction they're charging $2.29. Refineries are part of the problem with gas as is OPEC. A cartel that does meet to set production limits and is thereby controlling the price of fuel. Americans won't buy more fuel efficeint cars and there are more cars on the road everyday, so demand has gone up and supply is not increasing, thus higher prices. Even if you start an association there are too many ways for peole to get in against you.How can you possibly expect to police it? Wouldn't be cost effective to try and regulate it.
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