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Need some advice, are employee book and a memo we issued regarding snow removal state if you are at fault for an accident you are liable for the insurance deductible. This last week we had an employee go to clear a school parking lot late in the afternoon (after school was out) He was told to not use the interstate either coming or going from the job. 630PM that night he calls me and he has jacked knifed the trailer and tipped it over on the interstate. The trailer is a total loss, the tail gate on the truck is toast and the bobcat 873 at minimum has brokeen engine mounts, cage is lost and one rocker arm is in question. Plus the light pole that he snapped off. Insurance company of course is not happy and he has been removed from approved drivers. Based on towing charges and deductibles he is at $1200.00 how do you go about being fair to the employee but enforcing the deductible since other employees have had to pay for minor fender benders but nothing like this.
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