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I can't find this doing a search cause i don't know what's it's called?

I'm looking for those plastic squares you put on the grass (permanent) that has smaller open squares in it to allow grass to grow through it. I think they are 2'x2'. You put them down and grass grows over them and you don't know they're there. The purpose is to keep the lawn from getting damaged from parking, etc.

I have a strip along side my driveway that we park on and when it rains it gets muddy and we tear up the grass on this side. We have one of those long drive ways and we have 4 SUV's, 1 pick-up + 1 trailer.

I was thinking of making the drive way wider but I will be lining each end with Belgium block and we like the look of the grass on both ends. If any one knows what they are called you can just give me the proper name and I'll do a search.
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