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Originally Posted by EC-Rider
Funny but I thought about the same thing on that thread. LOL!

Ok let me explain…we need legislation that REQUIRES all persons cutting grass for a fee to be licensed, bonded and to carry insurance…or be subject to a fine imprisonment or both! Ouch! LOL!

Sorry but this IS a needed incentive. LOL!

This will keep the scrubs out, the local counties and the IRS will get their dues, and improve our standard of living, and the consumer will get the same protection of a knowledgeable professional he gets from a plumber or electrician.

Moreover, it’s going to take some partnering of a well established and politically connected institution who will have a vested interest…hmm!

That sounds like the insurance industry would fit that bill!

Ok folks lets put this site (LS) to work, start by writing to you congrassman, and make a difference.

Oops, sorry about the spelling error…congrassman…but you’ve got to admit, it might fit the bill! LOL!

It’s all good! Enjoy! Peace!


EC-Rider :
If there's anyone in the whole wide world that I trust less than the gov and the mafia, it'd have to be the insurance companies. The mafia is looking better all the time. Out of the three, they would be the most trustworthy.
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