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Originally Posted by brinlee lawn
Have to rant for a minute. Have been working on getting this account for about 2 weeks now a phillips 66 right in the middle of 3 other accounts so if I pick it up it would be a 200.00 dollar stop. Well the so called manager that took my bid said I was the only one to turn a bid in just had to clear it with his boss. Well today we stop and start mowing the first of the accounts and what do I see the manager out on his MURRAY mowing He didnt edge, pick up trash, or blow any of the sidewalks off. Looked like #*!* Thats allright long about June when he is tired of it the price just doubled. Sorry but just had to rant a little.
Heck, if I got pissed every time something like that happended to me, Id of "blown a gasket" by now. Just a part of doing business
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