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Originally Posted by stevo22
i'm am sure most of you know what chaffing is...i cannot figure out what to use..i have tried baby powder, gold bond, starch etc...someone suggest vasoline...i guess i will give it a try...i cut today from 8am to 630pm and i could barely walk by the last yard...for those of you that do not know what i am talking about, chaffing is when the material b tween the tops of your thighs rubs you litterally raw..i have also tried boxers, boxer briefs..i currently wear whitie tighty's..if anyone has any secrets plz share..i know there will be some wise cracks on this one...i can take it, but i seriously hope i get some good input, this stuff hurts like hell...
I recomend Under Armour compression shorts or boxer briefs. They wick the moisture away from your skin and have worked wonders for me, the only underwear I wear anymore! Under Armour Site
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