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Originally Posted by Tharrell
Hey man, I picked up 9 convenience stores and they ARE NOT commercial accounts. They are really tough to get because the so-called managers work for so-called district managers who work for so-called area managers. Most of these places don't care how they look and trash accumulates. I use gator blades!!! I took my mower in to get the blades sharpened after doing them and a trash bag was wrapped around my spindle. One of these has a truck stop and I pitched a hidden tennis ball over a semi trailer! There are exceptions though. There are 24 stores owned by a local oil company and they look fabulous. I'd say look at how a property looks and you can tell how to approach them. Good luck.

2 questions, maybe 3.

I too would like to know how they're not commercial accounts.

Also, what difference does it make that you use Gator Blades?? I guess if you're talking about the garbage being mulched up more, then maybe.

Why wouldn't you pick up the garbage in the first place?? If you've got a garbage bag wrapped around your spindle, then you're putting added stress on the spindle, along with more heat.

If you say you don't get paid to pick up the garbage, then there's really no sense in complaining about it either.
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