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So why would you ASSUME an LCO would change their name?

I will play along and put this in this NEW forum!

I saw an LCO here, I knew they just started last year. Had a catchy name, seemed to do decent work, but were not well liked among the other guys in town! They "new" guy had a real bad habit of following others around and then knocking on the customers door and flat out telling them he'd do it for less than the guy they have. Everyone I know had lost some business to this guy, including me. Only in business one season, seems to have a pretty big clientel going, has business name and what-not on his truck both sides and a large sign on trailer gate vinal, not cheap... I see him this spring, same truck, same trailer and mowers, NEW NAME on everything! Hummm, I really wonder what makes a guy change his business name in just one season. Neither the old or the new mane uses his own name in any way, so it's not like he's trying to either get his name in the business name or out of the business name, if you know what I mean.

Mine is Jason's total Lawn Care, humm, my name is Jason... Just made it easy for everyone to know who they are talking to. Thi It does seem to me that LCO names that don't include peoples names seem to get more cold calls, is there any truth to that, someone chosing "cutting edge lawn care" pver mine, just based on the catchy name? (not considering referals or anything).

What's YOUR take on someones sudden name change? As far as I know it was not because someone had the same name already, his first one was rather original. could it have been bad reputation? money troubles, i.e. bankruptsy?
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